Construction Update

Google Phase III Core and Shell

9/3/2021 - 9/30/2021

About the Project

Phase III of the Google Campus near downtown Kirkland will be a LEED V4 Gold Certified office building including approximately 135,000 square feet with two and a half levels of underground parking. This project is a continuation of the existing Google Campus, which contains nearly 400,000 square feet of additional office space and amenities to include a park that separates Phase I and II. As a part of the Phase III project, the park will be extended up to 6th St. S. There will also be a large roof deck with views of Lake Washington and the Olympic Mountains.

Scheduled completion date is 2nd Quarter 2022 

Scheduled Work:

With the building topped out, installation of the skin and weatherproofing systems are in full swing. At the north, exterior framing is making haste at all elevations to allow insulated panel install to proceed.  At the south, glass has been placed into all window openings. Sunshades will be hung from the windows in the coming weeks. Aluminum composite material to finish off the southern elevations will be delivered & installed in the coming weeks

In the Feriton Spur Park, concrete pours are being formed throughout the site. The garden shed, modular restroom, and Kalakala sculptures will be delivered and set this month. An urban farm company will be growing vegetables in the recently constructed planter boxes. Interior finishes are proceeding in the relocated caboose. The pickleball net posts will be installed with the asphalt paving completed.

COVID-19 Update

Foushée & Associates along with SRMKCCA, have implemented protocols on this jobsite that is allowing the project to continue at a less productive rate but nevertheless, in compliance with the CDC restrictions and state orders.

The health and safety of our employees, subcontractors and vendors is our greatest priority. We are doing everything we can to work and progress though these difficult times!

CKC Trail Reroute Through September 2021

Planned Street Interruptions

During work hours, expect to see sidewalk closures and bike lane closures along the West edge of 6th St South as construction activities are serviced from the street. Flaggers may be required in 6th St South to allow trucks to safely travel around construction activities. Please follow all posted traffic control signs when the right-of-way is impacted.

Lane closures in 5th Pl S may be implemented in the coming weeks to accommodate various construction activities. We greatly appreciate adherence to the trail reroute as we work to bring additional vibrance to the community center that is the CKC trail.

For any questions, please call (425) 417-5238.

We apologize for any inconveniences throughout the construction process. The safety of all employees, neighbors and the general public is our number one priority. Please be aware of changing conditions in the public right of way as sidewalk and street conditions are ever changing. Heavy equipment is entering and exiting the jobsite regularly. Please be aware of your surroundings and help us keep this project safe and free of injury.

Thank you.

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