Google Phase II – Progress continues

Google Phase II is progressing well with several recent completions to report including permanent power! The roof top cap is complete on Zone 1 and the southern half of Zone 2 while Zone 3 roofing is ongoing. Restroom core instillations for both Zone 1 & 2 on both levels are finished and accessories will be installed March 2nd. Level P2 of the garage is painted while Level P1 is ongoing.  Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing throughout the build is wrapping up and testing is scheduled for the first 2 weeks of March.

There are several March 20th completions to look forward too, including stonewalls and columns, Sunbeamer skylight installation, and the completion of the 7th Ave Street improvements. Metal panel instillation is continuing on Zones 2 & 3. The fabrication on the large span curved bridge members of the connecting bridge will begin March 2nd.

For a live peek of the site click here.

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