All Systems Are A-Go in Monterey!

Exciting news! SRM Development and Merrill Gardens are proud to announce that earlier this month, the first residents moved into Merrill Gardens at Monterey. Here are a few fun facts about the project:

 Mass excavation during the course of this project amounted to approximately 44,000+ cubic yards of export.

 Nearly 1 mile of split faced block retaining walls were built to create a building pad for the site. This work had to be complete before work on the building could begin.

 The landscape irrigation system relies entirely on rain water harvesting and the project includes 60,000 gallons of storage capacity to supply 100% of the irrigation needs.

 More than 500 Monterey Pine saplings were planted as part of the project’s reforestation requirements.

 5 wells ranging from 650′ deep to 980′ deep provide 100% of the domestic water for the building. The project includes a water treatment facility that filters the water for domestic use.

 A 40′ wide and 24′ long pre-cast concrete bridge was built to span a protected creek on the site.

Currently 30 units are already occupied and we’re looking forward to a great lease-up now that the project is open.

Congratulations to the MG Monterey Crew: Bill Robinson, Brian Kopelowitz, Jared Osborn and Isaac Leija!

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