The Living Stone

The Living Stone


Expected Start: Summer 2020
Expected Finish: Spring 2022

The 5-story “Living Stone”office building in the popular Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, will include 102,000 sf of office space and 4,800 sf of retail space on the first floor. The building will also include 3 levels of underground parking providing 148 vehicle parking spaces and 139 bicycle parking spaces. The project’s public face along Stone Way includes generous setbacks, plantings, seating plazas and educational features to invite active uses and interaction with the neighborhood. The building’s sustainable performance features will include creative and novel methods including: 

  • 200,000-gallon rainwater cistern to serve all non-potable water and irrigation needs.
  • 100 KVA Solar Array to offset energy use.
  • All building material will be “Red List” compliant.
  • Significant daylight availability for users through exterior and window design including clerestory windows.
  • The addition of bee hives, located on a remote portion of the roof, to encourage neighborhood pollination and production of honey for building occupants.
  • Use of mass timber superstructure (Dowel Laminated Timber) as a renewable material, long-term carbon sequestration and reduction of additional building materials since it will be an exposed element of the building’s interior design.
Click here for the invitation to bid.
3524 Stone Way North, Seattle, WA 98103

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